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Sunday, 24th November 2002


Resources, Tools and Full-Text Documents
Highways--United States--Statistics
Source: Federal Highway Administration
Now Available, Full-Text Report, Highway Statistics 2001
The Internet
Source: National Academies Press
Full-Text of a Forthcoming Title, The Internet Under Crisis Conditions: Learning from September 11
Environmental Health
Source: National Library of Medicine
New Web Site, Tox Town
From a NLM Technical Bulletin Article, "The National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) launched a new Web site, Tox Town...Tox Town is a pilot project that explores how best to provide environmental health information to a general audience. Tox Town looks at an ordinary town and points out environmental hazards that may be in that town. Users can click on a town location, like the school, and see a cutaway view of that building. Toxic chemicals that might be found in the school are listed, along with links to selected Internet resources about school environments.Information on chemical and environmental concerns is assembled from the TOXNET� and MEDLINEplus� resources of the NLM, as well as other authoritative sources. The chemical descriptions ("What is arsenic?") were written for Tox Town using TOXNET and other resources and were reviewed by NLM toxicology staff. "
See Also: Direct to ToxTown

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