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Tuesday, 19th March 2002


Digital Archive Projects--United Kingdom
Source: The Guardian
"British Library Begins Website Archive"
From the article, Stephen Bury, the head of European and American collections at the [British] library, said there is a need for an objective, trusted archive that will still be around in 200 years. Mr Bury said that without the archive, important aspects of British culture will disappear as websites change. He sited an art project in which a London taxi became a roving canvas. The taxi has ceased to do its rounds, but the project is preserved - for now - at cabgallery.com. However future generations would lose access to the project if it is not archived."
See Also: The Digital Preservation Coalition

Resources, Tools, and Full-Text Documents (3 Items)
Employment Outlook--United States
Source: Occupational Outlook Quarterly
Full-Text Article, Table: "The 2000-10 Job Outlook in Brief"
European Culture
Source: EU
New Resource: European Culture Portal
Geographical Data--Canada
Source: Statistics Canada
Now Available: Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2001
Available on the web or for purchase. From the announcement, "The 2001 SGC is organized into two volumes. Volume I, The Classification, contains tables of SGC units with their names and codes, tables of related standard areas, an alphabetical index of place names, and lists of changes that have affected names and codes of municipalities since January 2, 1996. Volume II, Reference maps, shows the locations and boundaries of the geographical areas in the classification. These maps help clients relate statistical data to the corresponding geographical areas.
Direct to Volume 1 ||| Direct to Volume 2

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