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Saturday, 16th March 2002


Periodical Databases
"The Article Economy"

Source: Library Journal
Transcript: "An LJ Round Table with the Aggregators"
From the article, "...as libraries and distributors of aggregated articles and journals have scaled up to meet user expectations, challenges and questions abound�for libraries, for publishers, and for patrons." "With these questions in mind, the editors of LJ invited a host of key players to a round table discussion of aggregated databases at the recent 2002 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans. Moderated by Yale University's Ann Okerson, the event marked the first time that three of the major "aggregators" (EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest) had sat down together to share their thoughts on the rapidly changing information landscape."

Archiving Electronic Resources
Source: Newsbytes
New Zealand: Introduction of Legislation To Assure Deposit of Electronic Content In National Library
From the news release, "New legislation will see web sites, CD-ROMs and other electronic publications forming a stronger part of the collections held in the National Library as a record of New Zealand�s heritage. Currently, New Zealand publishers are required to provide copies of books to the National Library. Under the National Library Bill introduced today, anyone publishing material electronically in New Zealand may be asked to provide a copy to the Library. The Bill allows for publishers' commercial interests to be protected. Also from the news release, "Increasingly, information is being published only electronically and for a short time, such as on Web sites," said Marian Hobbs, New Zealand's minister responsible for the National Library, in a statement Wednesday. This material is just as important as books in recording New Zealand's heritage." -Marian Hobbs, The Minister Responsible for the National Library.
See Also: "New Zealand's National Library To Archive Web Sites" (via Newsbytes)

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