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Tuesday, 12th March 2002


Web Search--WiseNut
WiseNut Acquired By LookSmart
LookSmart paid $9.25 million in stock for the search company. The press release does not mention if the Wisenut engine will remain as a stand-alone service. From the news release, "As we integrate WiseNut's search technology over the next few quarters, LookSmart will be able to offer our portal and ISP partners a full service solution that includes a scalable billion document index infrastructure, next generation search relevance and strong listings revenue," said Evan Thornley, chairman and CEO of LookSmart. "By acquiring WiseNut, LookSmart becomes the first company to have both high quality scalable search technology and strong listings revenue generation."
See Also: "LookSmart to Buy WiseNut" (via Internet.Com)
Direct to the WiseNut engine

Reference Tools--Historical
Browse and Read the Full-Text of the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica (11th Edition)
This project, funded by it's creator's company, PageWise, is providing users with free access to a fully scanned version of the 11th ed. of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Byron Reese, CEO of PageWise writes, " We OCR'ed a scan of the 1911. We wrote tons of custom code to do as good a job as possible. We are systemically going through and hand-editing each entry. In spite of having full time people devoted to it, it will take years to finish." Caveat: Be careful when quoting from this site! Currently the encyclopedia contain a small amount of advertising. Reese has also informed that he has the blessings of EB management. More about the this project in the next few weeks.
Note: Why Encyclopedia Britannica and not Encyclopaedia Britannica? According to Reese the "encyclopedia" spelling is used 96 times more than encyclopaedia on various search engines.

Resources, Tools, and Full-Text Documents (4 Items)
Campaign Finance--United States
Source: Federal Election Commission
Congressional Campaign Fundraising Statistics 2001-2002
Numerous lists and tables available in html format. Some material is available in html and Excel formats.
A Few Examples:
2001-2002 Top 50 Senate Campaigns by Receipts
2001-2002 Senate Campaign Debts
2001-2002 Top 50 House Campaigns by Contributions from Individuals
2001-2002 Top 50 House Incumbent Campaigns by Debts Owed
2001-2002 Top 50 House Challenger Campaigns by Disbursements
2001-2002 Top 50 House Open Seat Campaigns by Cash on Hand

Labor--United States--Statistics
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
" Working in the 21st Century"
From the site, "...a set of charts and related information about subjects ranging from education levels to retirement plans." All charts are also available as .pdf files with the actual numbers also available as a .txt (ascii) file. Nicely done BLS!
Education--United States--Statistics
Source: NCES
Update: Quick Tables and Figures
Browsable and searchable access to education statistics. NCES reports the addition of hundreds of new tables. Some library statistics are available.

United States Government--Information Technology
E-Government--United States
Source: GAO
Full-Text Report,
Information Resources Management: Comprehensive Strategic Plan Needed to Address Mounting Challenges GAO-02-292 41 pages .pdf
See Also: "GAO Urges Unified E-Gov Plan" (via Federal Computer Week)

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