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Thursday, 26th July 2001


Digitization Projects--Journals
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
"JSTOR's Journal-Archiving Service Makes Fans of Librarians and Scholars"
From the article, "All these will soon be cut up and given a new life as digital documents. JSTOR, a nonprofit, digital-archiving organization, has since 1994 collected full runs of venerable journals, scanned the pages into a database, and made the contents available online, at a price. The nonprofit company's mission is twofold: to preserve and maintain journal literature, and to make that material more accessible. "It's fabulously successful," says Mark S. Sandler, a collection-development officer at the University of Michigan's library. The service, which archives articles from more than 160 journals, is available at 786 American institutions and at more than 250 libraries around the world, from Estonia to Malaysia to Pakistan."

E-Libraries--Commercial Viability
Source: News.Com
"Reading Online Libraries"
Gartner analyst, Marti Harris, offers a commentary about the future prospects of commercial e-library services. From the column, "Gartner believes that success in distributing to students content normally published by university and academic publishers--and the large-scale penetration of the e-learner market--requires a formal, contractual relationship with libraries. Selling pages at 25 cents to individuals and without contracted membership fees does not seem a good way to ensure long-term business viability."
See Also "Web Companies Build Online Library"
From the article, "Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Ebrary said the service, dubbed Ebrarian 1.0, will be available on a co-branded Web site, enabling people to scour business and economic titles for free. People will also have the option to buy materials in print form or photocopy the information for a fee."

Public Libraries
The Future of the Public Library
Note: The entire program can be heard online using RealAudio. The program aired July 18th on "The Connection" (WBUR, Boston). From the summary, "...public libraries are fighting back, reinventing themselves by reaching out to their communities and becoming places where people can log on, check out, listen in and speak up. Guests: Catherine Dibble, Director of Public service at the Boston Public Library; and John Guscott, manager of electronic services at the Lakewood, Ohio library and editor of the newsletter Library Futures; Suzie Neubauer, head of technical services at the Robbins Library in Arlington [MA].
Thanks to LISNEWS.Com for the tip.

Library Technology--Massachusetts
"Grants Boost Library Technology"
Source: Civic.Com
From the article, "Massachusetts libraries are getting more than $2.4 million in grants to improve their technology and accessibility...The money comes from the national Institute of Museum and Library Services (www.imls.gov) which is mandated under the 1996 Federal Library Services and Technology Act to promote access to learning and information resources for all types of libraries and for people of all ages."

Aviation--United States--Database
Invisible Web
Access U.S. Aircraft Data Via FAA Aircraft Inquiry Site
From a news release, "Searchers get the aircraft's description, the registered owner and co-owners, additional airworthiness data about engine type, temporary registrations and modifications. Searches may also be made by: aircraft serial number, make-model, state-county, and the name of registered owners.

Global Brands--Lists and Rankings
Source: Business Week
The Best Global Brands
Direct to Top 100 Most Valuable Brands (.pdf chart)

Full-Text Resource Shelf (3 Items)
Internet Usage--Statistics--Canada
Source: Statistics Canada
"Household Internet Use Survey"
From the reports, "Internet use took its biggest jump ever in 2000, according to the Household Internet Use Survey, dampening speculation that the Internet's popularity may be levelling off."
See Also: Additional Charts and Graphs from this Report (.pdf)
Tax Revenue--United States
Source: U.S. Census
State Government Tax Revenues-2000
News Release/Summary ||| Direct to Report
U.S. Department of Justice
Source: GAO
Department of Justice: Status of Achieving Key Outcomes and Addressing Major Management Challenges
49 pages .pdf

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